Anyone wanna talk? Ask me random questions? Any ladies wanna send me your nudes? Please??

Ask me stuff! Send me things! Ask anything you want please!! Got nothing better to do on here

Message me and/or send nudes please! Boredom & horny is not a good combo..

No one ever sends me nudes or questions anymore…that needs to change. Right now would be nice..

Seriously, is it too late to ask nicely for some very last minute birthday nudes & submissions? Please?

Someone show me your boobs!….please?

Someone fuck me…or send me nudes…or ask me random questions…please..

Anyone wanna send me more nude submissions? Please?? I got some yesterday but not as much as I would hope or want…

What are the odds that when I ask for nudes I get a dick pic? Probably my fault for not being more specific. And to be honest its not the worst message I’ve gotten. Some anons can be pretty mean :(