Some days I just want to get messages from my followers & random anons. And other days I just want women to submit pics in my inbox & show me their boobs :P today feels like a bit of both…mostly the latter..

I think today I got the most messages/questions than I have in a looooong time :P wouldn’t mind some more..

Is it too much to ask for someone to help me out when I get ridiculously horny?

Help me!! So bored…and horny, but thats pretty much a given :P

Why must I be so horny all the time? And why can’t I get some followers and/or anons to talk to me/help me out…

Being horny on tumblr while watching netflix is weird…feel free to ask me stuff ;P

Ask me stuff!!! Fill up my inbox with whatever!!

Is anyone else on tumblr right now? My dash hasn’t been this dead in a long time..ask or submit stuff to my inbox please…

Any girls wanna help me in my horny state of mind? Message or submit me anything..please?

I really wouldn’t mind getting some nudes from my followers or random people on occasion…